The Housing Authority of the City of Rock Hill is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships through the Carolinas Council of Housing Redevelopment & Codes Officials (CCHRCO) and SERC (Southeastern Regional Council.)   The following scholarships will be awarded:


  • Five CCHRCO scholarships for $1,000 per year for one year.
  • One SERC scholarship for $1,000 per year for one year.
  • One SERC scholarship for $1,500 per year for one year.


Completed scholarship applications must be received by the Housing Authority of Rock Hill at 467 South Wilson Street no later than noon on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 (can be mailed to P. O. Box 11579, Rock Hill SC 29731.)  Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.  Late applications will not be accepted. An eligible recipient must be an immediate member of a family who has resided in publicly assisted housing (public housing or Section 8 assistance) for a minimum of one uninterrupted year and the recipient must have occupied the assisted home during this period.


General Conditions and Requirements:  Applicant must enroll in a one, two or more year course at a school of higher learning (college, university, trade school, nursing school, etc.) and the funds will be disbursed to that school.  Funding may be used for tuition, books and/or room and board.  All required information must be submitted by the Housing Authority to CCHRCO and all information must be handwritten or typed.  The following material is REQUIRED:

  • Completed Scholarship Application, click here for the application
  • One Letter from a school official (may be from principal, teacher or guidance counselor.)
  • One Letter from the sponsoring Housing Authority.
  • Two letters from: minister, employer, youth director, coach or a professional person, such as a lawyer, businessman, etc.
  • Certified copy of current transcript for high school or college.
  • An essay containing a minimum of 100 and maximum of 200 words describing applicant’s goals and ambitions and what applicant hopes to contribute to society through educational training.
  • One photograph of the applicant, suitable for publication — no photocopies.

Download the application